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big secret revealed here!

name: roslinda hani binti ramli
born at 27th of august 1990
I live at muar johor ;)
still studying at USM engineering campus

I got too many facts to told ya!

but seem that I cant..

I cant say I love you easily as an ABC because my ego wont let me to

I've gone through so much in this world.I see a lot of things.

I simply can forgive but I wont forget what u did to me.I hate hypocrite person.
I'm a person that a bit blur+sl0w...but I can make u smiled briefly ;)

s0,I cant truly understand what is definition behind all the words..u need to straight forward to me.if u hate me,just say I hate you.if u love me,just say I love you.sebabnya saya slow amat.hahaha

so,don't keep your secret words with me because i won't get it.


I am the person that easily can be happy and hurt bcoz of tiny,please,please,please dont hurt me. cause I wont forget easily.

last fact!

I'm single!haha