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Friday, December 4, 2009

sesiapa yg ada 0r taw b0ut camera!~help me pls

i need an 0pini0n

ab0ut this

please help me,

i'm c0nfused either t0 buy can0n RM1099 with 9.0 megapixels


can0n/samsung/s0ny digital camera RM 400++ with 10 0r higher megapixels

except can give m0re 0ptical z0om,,what else?

0r maybe DSLR?which 0ne c0me with great features?in term 0f quality 0f picta and etc,

urghhh,,,sy sedang survey inih.

t0l0ng saya jika anda tahu.

i'm in l0ve!

0r maybe ada 0r taw kawan yang nak jual kamera DSLR 2nd hand,,,

please c0ntact me 0kay.

saya sangaT2 chenTa dengan f0t0grafi.seri0usly.

help me.


3 comment(s):

+ aisyah + said...

our vet daily photographer
guna canon tak ingat megapixel brape tp 12x optical zoom
gila best camera dia..
jerawat kalau zoom jelas je..
huhu..n dia beli rm1000 something like that...nak survey g ar kedai..
tny pndpt org kedai..experience sndr dgn kamera tu..

~roslinda~ said...

da ade survey skit2...
0r maybe nk beli 0n9 jek...
tgh survey2 dlu skit2,...
0r maybe nk survey dkt jb 0r kl gak...
erm,,,xtaw ag...
tuh arh..yg can0n tuh 10x 0ptical z0om..1099
huh~harus istikharah.h0h0

~roslinda~ said...
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