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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


this award was from new blogger friend, freaky

thanks a lot for this award ya~

there are a lot T&C for this award.I hate T&C.but I love M&M.;D haha

Thank & link the person that gave you the award.

pass this award to 15 blogger you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.

Contact the blogger and let them know they've won the award.

State 7 things about yourself.
I think I should not reveal this.but,as to fulfill the requirement of this award,I have to.

+I'm the person that can easily be hurt & happy because of tiny things.
+I'm looking for perfect match for everything that will involve my life.and it's kinda annoying me sometimes.
+I LOVE my family the most in my world.I chose dead rather than to lose one of them.
+I HATE ___ except my beloved dad + my other half that I will meet some day,insyaAllah~fill in with your own word
+I LOVE my sayang, Canon 40D.we'll never ever ever be apart.
dah berapa dah?l0r,belum 7 lagi ke?haha
+I don't like others that underestimate my families.hello,u don't have any right to do u think that u will always on the top?
+saya suka study last minit!so what?ada aku pernah kacau kau orang?

that's more than enough for u to kn0w!;)
straight 2test and presentation english,so kena polish balik melalui blogging ye..

15 most fantastic and beautiful blogger would be...
+macam biasa lah,aku malas nak pass2 award~rasa macam semua dah ada kan award ni?haha takdelah..takmo2..semua orang busy.jangan kacau mereka ye.*sbnrnye malas*;p

p/s: disaster week would be this whole week!apasal semua nak cari gaduh ni?abg aku pun satu hal!malas nak layan!

p/s: my facebook already deactivated back!I'll be back once my mind stable enough to bear all this suxx that sucking my head!

p/s: aku selalu tertanya2..apa motif group lelaki/perempuan boleh capai 1 juta fan itu..memang kena lawan macam tu ea?aku tgk,ramai betul kawan yg join~huu nanti,bukan korang kahwin dgn opposite sex tu jugak ke?ke tidak?*ini pertanyaan btw*


2 comment(s):

~freakycuteyanime~ said...

hahahaha.. kelakr ah.. bleh plak cam tu.. org pun x tahu ape maksud buat group opposite sex tu..

~roslinda~ said...

betol lah~
itu kenyataan~
sy sendiri tak faham~
sbb tu tanya~